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New Crysis 2 trailer deals nano-death to new enemies

Crysis 2

A new Crysis 2 trailer has been released showing off your character's Nanosuit abilities. In fact, the Nanosuit is the only thing that's similar to the first game. Everything else is new, from the ruined New York environments to the free-running abilities. Best of all, we get a proper look at the new aliens. The irritating space octopi of the first game are gone, and have been replaced a race of sleek armoured humanoids. You'll find the new footage below.

For more information on the changes that will be coming to Crysis 2, check out our preview of the revamped multiplayer mode . For more information check out the official Crysis 2 site. Digital and boxed editions of the game are available to pre-order now . The game's due out on 22nd March 2011 in Europe and the 25th in the US.

[via CVG ]

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