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Netflix Hangout Chrome extension lets you hide Stranger Things in a conference call

(Image credit: Mschf Internet Studios)

Because Netflix shows invariably go on for a few episodes too many, you might find yourself struggling to fit everything into your free time. Netflix Hangouts is a Chrome extension that conveniently lets you catch up on Stranger Things while everyone around you thinks you're busy on an important work call. 

Adding Netflix Hangouts to Chrome nestles whatever show tickles your fancy in the bottom right corner of a phoney conference call. An hour-long conference call is perfectly reasonable, so nobody is going to get suspicious unless they're really paying attention or you start getting a bit too excited.  

I've worked from home for almost a decade, so I get perverse pleasure in seeing the lengths people go to when they need to make offices feel less stifling. I should add that I would never, ever abuse my remote location to watch Netflix at work.  

Developer Mschf Internet Studios has created quite a few apps designed to let you skive work, including one designed to look like Slack, along with a very handy 'sit-tracker' called Couch Potato and a series of videos of a man eating things requested by the internet. 

Cheers, The Verge.

Fraser Brown
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