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Mass Effect 3 video shows new combat skills: heavy melee, turrets, Krogan shotgun

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One and a half minutes into the latest episode of Bioware's regular web TV series , they give us a look at some of the improvements they're making to combat in Mass Effect 3. New powers are being introduced to try and make each combat class feel powerful and unique. For classes like the Vanguard, upgraded versions of the super-satisfying charge move do the trick, but it's support classes like Engineers that will benefit most from new toys, including deployable turrets and hacking tools that will let you turn enemy turrets against their owners.

That's not to say the Vanguard has been left out. He'll get a nova ground punch that will send enemies flying backwards. Bioware say that every class will get a different heavy melee move. The Adept can propel a single enemy across the room with a psychic attack, while the Engineer can set fire to foes, obliterating their armour. Mass Effect 2's combat was a big improvements on the original. What would you like to see Bioware change for Mass Effect 3?

Tom Senior
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