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Mass Effect 3 screenshots have Liara, Anderson and Krogan husks

Mass Effect 3 - Electric arm baton thumb

Eight new Mass Effect 3 screenshots have landed showing Shepard rifle butting his way through squads of white armoured opponents. Tucked away in the screenshots is our first look at a Krogan husks, and what might just be the back of Liara's head. Also, Anderson is back! You'll find all of the new shots below.

The new screens arrived via Igromania , spotted by CVG . There's an emphasis on the close quarters combat that will play more of a part in Mass Effect 3. One of the enemies is wielding an electrified baton, and Shepard is shown giving one enemy a good old whack with the butt of his assault rifle. Find out more about Mass Effect's story and combat here , and more on the game's expanded skill trees here .

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