Mass Effect 3 plot and combat details arrive

Mass Effect 3

More pearls of Mass Effect 3 knowledge have dropped form the latest issue of Game Informer . There's news on Mass Effect 3's updated combat, and some spoilery plot details. If you don't want to know anything about Mass Effect 3's story, steer clear. Otherwise, here's the latest on Shepard's latest mission to save the universe.

The overarching quest in Mass Effect 3 is to take down the Reapers. The apparently invincible alien forces trashing Earth at the start of the game do have a weakness. Figuring this out will be a large part of the game, and Bioware promise a number of red herrings before the secret is discovered. Earth can be saved, and there will be a few different ways to do it.

Whatever the Reapers' weakness, Shepard will still need to roam the galaxy to recruit help. Getting the aliens on side won't be a matter of completing a series of sidequests. There will be multiple ways to earn the loyalty of each species.

Combat in Mass Effect 3 is going to be more difficult. Fights will be set in larger arenas, and melee attacks will feature more prominently. Targeting different sections of an opponent's armour will have different effects, and you'll also be able to pick up dropped enemy weapons.

So far we've only seen humans fall prey to the Geth's robotic zombification process. In Mass Effect 3, other species can also become husks.

Finally, decisions you made all the way in Mass Effect 1 will come back to haunt you. If you saved the Rachni, expect to hear from them in the third game.

For more on Mass Effect 3 news, check out last week's Mass Effect 3 info-splurge , with news on which characters will be returning, and promises of deeper RPG systems and expanded skill trees. The game's due out later this year.

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