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Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver has been 'temporarily removed' from Steam

Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Crystal Dynamics' 1999 action-adventure Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver has been pulled from sale on Steam, as publisher Square Enix prepares "important updates" for the game.

VGC reports that, while the game still remains on sale via GOG, Soul Reaver is no longer available to buy on Steam. The game's listing now features a notification, reading: "Square Enix has temporarily removed this title from sale to work on some important updates. Please check back soon!"

It's possible that Square Enix is working on updates to make the game more playable on newer systems. That's not too surprising for older PC games, but they don't tend to be removed from sale in the process. PC Gamer has reached out to Square Enix for comment.

Crystal Dynamics may be best known for its recent Tomb Raider reboot series. But back in the late 90s, the studio's Legacy Of Kain games competed directly with Lara Croft. Soul Reaver was even directed by Amy Hennig, who would go on to head up the Uncharted series. 

"Soul Reaver feels less like an old Tomb Raider rival and more like a missing link to Dark Souls, a discarded idea which has since been resurrected into a newer, and far meaner form," said Rick Lane, returning to the game in 2018. "Soul Reaver was one of the last great games of the 20th century, and although the Legacy of Kain has been all but forgotten now, its spirit lives on in other bodies."

Just a shame that, for now, there's one less place to buy the platforming classic.

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