This Final Fantasy-inspired Overwatch fan art is awesome

We've already seen a lot of incredible Overwatch fan art—some featuring neat crossovers and others taking Overwatch's heroines in more salacious directions. And just when I was beginning to think that "Overwatch crossed with…" was beginning to tire, a group of Korean artists have assembled some of my favorite interpretations of Overwatch characters yet.

Overwatch Fantasia is more than just a fantastical reimagining of the heroes and villains of Blizzard's shooter. Much of it is a nod to the work of Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano who helped cement the artistic vision for earlier Final Fantasy games before FF7 took it in a new direction. As a collaboration of 22 Korean artists, there's plenty of fantastically creative interpretations of different Overwatch characters as iconic Final Fantasy classes.

There's obvious ones, like Mercy being a white mage (who'd have guessed?) or Sombra being a thief. But I particularly enjoy Reaper as a corsair and Mei all dressed up as a time mage. I've collected a few of my favorites in the gallery below, but be sure to head over to the website to check out the full roster.

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