Check out these amazing fan-made Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo-themed Overwatch skins

With just about every Blizzard hero appearing in Heroes of the Storm, it's surprising Blizzard games haven't cross-pollinated into Overwatch yet. Fortunately, artist Wildcard24 has rectified this oversight with these incredible takes on what Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo-themed costumes might look like in Overwatch. Spoiler alert: They look awesome. 

As PC Gamer's resident WoW fanatic, I'm in love with these Warcraft-themed outfits because of how well they blend the personality of both the character and the inspiration for the skin. Pandaren Mei seems like such a painfully obvious matchup that I'm a bit choked we haven't seen official versions of these skins already. 

For anyone who is sick of seeing a skull where your Genji teammate was moments after rushing the enemy team alone, Wildcard24 has an extra special treat: Leeroy Jenji.

Things only get better with Wildcard24's interpretation of what Diablo and Starcraft-themed skins might look like. It's almost a bit weird seeing how well Overwatch's roster adapt to these other iconic characters. It might sound crazy, but it's almost like they were all designed by the same company. Spooky.

Be sure to check Wildcard24's DeviantArt profile for more of their work. 

Steven Messner

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