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Kingdom Come: Deliverance video shows character customisation, Kickstarter raises double original goal

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - the "realistic RPG" that's currently making its way through the Kickstarter gauntlet - has posted the second development video of its campaign. This time, it's focusing on character customisation and clothing, which in medieval times meant wearing the scales of dragons.

What? What do you mean people only wear dragon bits in fantasy RPGs? Then what in the hell were real people wearing?

Oh right, cloth. I guess that makes sense. Still, pretty and well rendered cloth, thanks to a system that's being built on top of the CryEngine 3. What do you mean real people weren't rendered by CryEngine 3?!

The game's previous development video focused on the game's world. It's longer - as is befitting of a video that's about an entire game world, rather than some historical trousers.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance continues to do well, having raised £607,534 - over double its original goal - with 17 days still remaining.

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