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Killing Floor 2 is going to the moon in the new Interstellar Insanity event

Killing Floor 2 is going to the moon! Interstellar Insanity, the new event revealed today during the PC Gaming Show, takes players to a distant lunar research base to find out why it's suddenly gone so quiet.

The bad news is that you already know why the station has gone silent: Zombies! Or, as they're known in Killing Floor 2 parlance, Zeds. Or Specimens, if you want to be technical about it. The good news is that the event will feature two new weekly outbreaks, Scavenger and Arachnophobia—although they'll apparently ramp up the challenge of cleaning up this face-eating mess beyond your usual moon base zombie apocalypse. So maybe that's not entirely good.

The actual good news is a pair of new Horzine Research Group weapons were being developed aboard the station—the HRG Bastion and HRG Blast Brawlers—and since you're there anyway, you'll have the opportunity to take them for a spin. All of the action will unfold on the new Moonbase map, which will appropriately feature low gravity throughout. Move with caution.

Killing Floor 2: Interstellar Insanity will go live on June 22. Find out more at

Andy Chalk
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