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Inescapable: an Amiga-style platform adventure with Lovecraftian elements

Facts about the word inescapable : it sounds like a Beyonce song, I can never spell it right first time around, and it's the name of an intriguing Amiga-styled sci-fi platform/adventure game that also finds time to mix in a few Lovecraftian elements for good measure. There's no demo, and few details, but there is a lot of atmosphere, nostalgia, and an old guy in a blue space suit in the following trailer, which also shows off the game's impressive (and optional) scanline effect.

The website reveals that the platforming, shooty action will be broken up by "adventure style puzzles" (I particularly like the adventure-style dialogue), while the game features "a large world to explore with an intriguing story and an unusual, thought-provoking ending". I'm hoping for a The Prisoner-style hippy freakout, myself. Inescapabababable is available now for $9.99 , and like all the best things in life it's DRM-free.

Thanks, IndieGames .