Humble 'Down Under' Bundle compiles a bunch of Australian games

Australia's cultural exports are more than just crap beer and terrifying outback horror movies: we also make games sometimes. And you've probably played a bunch without even realising they're Australian. This new Humble 'Down Under' Bundle provides a neat sampling of some indie titles from the continent.

The "pay what you want" tier includes Hand of Fate, Screencheat, Satellite Reign and The Warlock of Firetop Mountain – all great in my opinion, especially Screencheat. Pay more than the average – which at the moment is $3.52 – and the offering is a lot more appealing: Crawl, Hurtworld and Hacknet become available, the latter with its Labyrinthes expansion. All of those games are also great, but I especially liked making friends in Hurtworld.

Finally, if you pay more than $12 you'll get Armello: a good price for that enduring and well-supported digital tabletop game, especially when you factor in the other 7.5 games as well. Go forth and gather.