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Homefront: The Revolution announced, promises open-world guerilla warfare

The words "there is a new Homefront game coming," are, based on previous evidence, something you'd be forgiven for not caring about. But don't scroll on by just yet, because there are reasons Homefront: The Revolution could resuscitate the ill-fated shooter series. Not least is the fact that it's being developed by Crytek UK. That studio were once called Free Radical, and were responsible for the excellent Timesplitters series. Also for the ropey PS3-exclusive Haze, so maybe we're not entirely in the clear just yet.

More significant is what the game might offer over its troubled predecessor. Set four years after the North Korean invasion of America depicted in the first Homefront, the Korean People's Army have established a totalitarian regime in Philadelphia. It's as good an excuse as any for some rough-and-ready guerilla tactics around an open-world area.

"The city of Philadelphia is an asymmetric battlefield," said game designer Fasaha Salim in an interview with CVG . "The KPA have far superior technology and they can take out anyone they want to if you go up against them. The answer is you must use guerilla tactics."

It's enough of a shift to re-spark my interest in the series. While there's no suggestion of any squad element, it nevertheless sounds somewhat reminiscent of Io Interactive's Freedom Fighters, which is no bad thing.

You can find more details over at CVG .

Homefront: The Revolution is planned for PC, PS4 and Xbone, and is due out next year.

Phil Savage
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