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Here's Doom 2, running on a chainsaw

Bethesda and id Software's Doom reboot is just a few days out, which makes this the ideal time to have a look at Doom 2 running on a chainsaw. But not just any chainsaw, no: This is the Painsaw

It's actually a toy saw, into which creator and self-professed not-creative guy George Merlocco crammed a Raspberry Pi Zero loaded with Chocolate Doom, a source port created as an “accurate reproduction of the game as it was played in the 1990s.”   

The timestamp in the video, done up in era-appropriate VHS quality, is set to December 10, 1993—the launch date of the original Doom—but the included WAD is actually E1M1 from Doom 2, since it makes the chainsaw available right from the start. Because if you're playing Doom on a chainsaw, you're pretty much obligated to use the chainsaw.

A closer look at the Painsaw's creation can be had at, which may be one of the most perfectly-appropriate URLs I've ever encountered. Doom, by the way—the new one—comes out on May 13. It won't run on a chainsaw, but it does pretty well on a GTX 1080 under Vulkan.

Andy Chalk
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