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GTA Online's alien outfits are now free, so get out there and kill each other

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One of the most ridiculous, and therefore best, things to happen recently in GTA Online is the eruption of a gang war between two factions of aliens. Except they're not really aliens, they're people dressed up in either green or purple body suits, and instead of beaming victims up for an anal probe they throw them into the back of a van, drive them out to the sticks, and beat the hell out of them.

This has actually been going on for awhile now, and has grown over the weeks from random silliness to a whole thing that the community has picked up and run with. Rockstar fanned the flames at the start of May by giving away $500,000 of in-game cash to everyone who logs into the game during the month, which is just enough to buy one of the remarkably expensive suits. (The purple suit goes for $330,000, while the green is even more expensive, at $358,000.)

But apparently that wasn't enough to keep things sufficiently interesting, because now Rockstar is just straight-up dumping gasoline all over everything by making the suits entirely free. Rockstar hasn't officially announced the giveaway, but multiple players on the GTA Online subreddit have confirmed it. (Update: Now it's official.)

And not only are the suits free, but according to Rockstar fan Tez2 on Twitter, Ammu-nation stores in the game are also giving away pool cues—because what's the point of dressing up like an alien if you can't whale on someone dressed up like a differently-colored alien with a makeshift club?

Or whatever happens to be at hand, I guess.

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I've reached out to Rockstar for more information on the alien outfit giveaway, and will update if I receive a reply. In the meantime, courtesy of the GTA Online subreddit, enjoy these.

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