An alien onesie can be yours if you log into GTA Online in May

(Image credit: Rockstar/traderrjoe)

Rockstar is giving a GTA$500,000 reward to anyone and everyone who logs into GTA Online in the month of May. That sounds like a lot of cash, right? Yeah, it's not.

It's not nothing, to be sure, but if you direct your attention to GTABase you'll see that the truly high-end rides go for several times more than that amount. You could pick up a Grotti Turismo R, which looks nice, or a Pegassi Monroe for more of a classic style, or a big bus if you want to try to earn an honest living. But you'll need to put together a lot more than 500 large if you want to park your ass on the fine Corinthian leather of the truly upper crust.

What you could do with your windfall instead is blow it on an alien body suit, in either purple or green, which according to Screenrant sell for $330,000 and $358,000 respectively. That might seem like a ridiculous price for a neon onesie, but it also grants you the legal right to beat the hell out of anyone wearing the same outfit in the other color. (Or to have it beaten out of you, as the case may be—be careful out there.)

Personally, I'd go for the suit. GTA Online is rife with cars, but how often are you going to be offered the chance to wrap yourself in iridescent spandex and take part in the goofiest gang war in videogame historyat no cost? You have to take these opportunities when they present themselves. Whatever you choose to do with it, the important thing to bear in mind is that it's free money: Just log into the game and the sum will be automatically deposited into your Maze Bank account within seven days.

That's not the only thing going on in GTA Online right now. Nightclubs are 40 percent off, Business Battles are offering triple GTA$ and RP rewards, and there's a new Podium Vehicle at the Diamond Casino: The Pegassi Reaper, a stylish hypercar that normally goes for $1.6 million. Full details are up at

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