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Gorn but not forgotten: Shatner fights his old nemesis in the latest Star Trek game trailer

Star Trek: The Reboot 2: The Movie: The Game pulled its Gorns out of its pointy ears the other week , but that was in a silly Making Of video that featured lots of in-game footage of Kirk's famous alien sparring partner, but precious little of William Shatner himself. Sure, he's been replaced by Chris Pine for the recent films/upcoming game, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little Shat now and again. Here he is, in the latest trailer, sitting down with an actual Gorn to play a game of Star Trek, before the two inevitably come to blows. This is apparently in advance of some sort of co-operative shooter, but now I'm more interested in a Shat/Gorn fighting game and I won't rest until somebody (Capcom?) makes one.

Star Trek the game beams down to the gangster planet known as Earth on April 23rd or 26th, depending on which side of the Atlantic you live on. If you need more William Shatner to keep you satisfied over Easter, here is William Shatner speaking the song Rocket Man. He found a way.