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GDC 2013: Terry Cavanagh and Porpentine reveal their top free indie games of the last year

Last night, Terry Cavanagh and Porpentine of free indie gaming site - and developers of Super Hexagon and Cyberqueen respectively - hosted a GDC 2013 lecture on "Curating the DIY revolution". As well as discussing the rapid proliferation of the free indie scene, and how journalists have often been lax in their coverage of it, they offered their own picks for their favourite free games for the last year and a bit.

Edge have collected some choice quotes from the panel, so head there to see why Game Title: Lost Levels is "one of the most inspiring games" Cavanagh played last year, or why Porpentine sees Goblet Grotto as "a pure exploration game".

Porpentine closed the session by saying: "Destroy everything." And then, "it isn't that women and queers and people of colour aren't making games, it's that they aren't being covered sufficiently and they are not being recognized. Make games for yourself, make them for others like you, not for some hypothetical 'other'."

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