Fortnite World Cup: schedule, standings, and where to watch

After the World Cup Warmup event at the beginning of April, Fortnite’s most skilled players are now hashing it out for a winning position in the World Cup Finals in July in Queens, New York. I can’t keep up; it feels like there’s a new tournament every week. Probably because there is. With such a busy schedule and so many talented competitors, keeping up with the weekly standings hasn’t been easy. 

There’s a total of $40 million (£30,930,600) up for grabs across the whole event, so I can’t blame people for trying out. I mean, who wouldn’t want a chunk of that?

But until then, it’s a busy couple months of qualifiers for varying formats, including the recently announced Fortnite Creative Cup. Let’s take a look at the schedule for each week while nailing down where to watch and who some of the biggest contenders are. 

What's the Fortnite World Cup schedule? 

The Cup’s open qualifiers run for ten weeks in total, alternating between solos and duos biweekly with semifinals on the first day and finals on the second. After that it’s onto the Finals in Queens for the top 100 solo players and top 50 duos at the end of July. If you don’t want to do the math, I’ve laid out the full schedule of what’s on each week below. You’re welcome.

The qualifiers run from 4 pm PT to 7 pm PT each week regardless of region.


Week one, solos: 13th and 14th
Week two, duos: 20th and 21st 
Week three, solos: 27th and 28th


Week four, duos: 4th and 5th
Week five, solos: 11th and 12th
Week six, duos: 18th and 19th
Week seven, solos: 25th and 26th


Week eight, duos: 1st and 2nd
Week nine, solos: 8th and 9th
Week ten, duos: 15th and 16th


World Cup Finals: 26th—28th

Where can I watch the Fortnite World Cup? 

Epic Games, being rather epic, now allows fans to spectate their favorite competitors in-game for the first time as of patch 8.50. I was so stoked when I found this out – finally. Simply head on over to the Competitive tab, click on the leaderboards for the current week and find the name of the player you want to spectate. Easy, right? I imagine some players will be hosting streams on their own channels too if watching them in-game isn’t your thing.

If you prefer to see what’s going on as a whole, Epic is hosting an overview of the event on its Fortnite YouTube and Twitch channels each week too. Catch the Twitch stream below.

What's the total prize money pool for the Fortnite World Cup? 

A lot.

There’s a $10 million (£7,739,900) prize pool up for grabs in the open qualifiers, with $1 million (£744,070) given out per week. The top 100 solo players and top 50 duos who reach the Finals in New York will be competing for their share of a $30 million (£23,219,700 million) pool. Each Finals competitor is guaranteed at least $50,000 (£38,706) and the top prize is a hefty $3 million (£2,322,240). Can’t sniff at that.

Who's playing in the Fortnite World Cup? 

While some of the contenders battling for a slice of that sweet, sweet prize money are more unfamiliar than others, some of the leading names in Fortnite esports are trying to prove they have what it takes.

One of the biggest contenders fighting for the solo crown is FaZe Clan’s Turner "Tfue" Tenney after coming out on top in week three’s NA East qualifiers. 

Ghost Gaming partner Timothy "Bizzle" Miller earned a position in the Finals after placing third in the week one solos. With over 96,000 Twitch followers rooting for his success, this NA East player is a powerful adversary.

Europe fan favorite Benjy "Benjyfishy" David Fish has a guaranteed spot in both solos and duos, teaming up with fellow NRG partner Martin "MrSavage" Foss Andersen for the latter. I’m really excited to see how they fare after they proved in the Warmups that they’re truly a duo not to be messed with.

Team Secret’s Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson and Atlantis’ Dmitri "Mitr0" Van de Vrie are another EU dynamic duo destined for the Finals after securing a place in week two. What’s interesting here is that Mitr0 won the first Blitz Solo Showdown back in 2018 so he’s already proven he has what it takes to win.

I personally think that the unknown players are the deadliest and I’m really excited to see fresh faces with new tricks up their sleeves. There’s nothing quite like a dark horse. And since anyone has a shot at the World Cup, we’re going to see a stampede of ‘em. 

If you want to flick through a complete list of players for each week, Epic’s official site has what you’re looking for.