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First Person Shouter: defeat bullies with the aid of Fus Ro Dah!

Everyone has a weakness. Superman has Kryptonite, Wolverine has balloon animals, and Spider-Man has a pint glass with a bit of card. Until now, however, the bully's weak point has remained frustratingly elusive. We can all thank the Anti-Socialites, then, for their First Person Shouter , a game that finally reveals how to take down Biff from Back to the Future - without the aid of manure. The secret lies after the break...

...aaaand it's shouting. Shouting defeats bullies. Or at least it does in this novel indie shouter, developed by students at The University of New South Wales. You can download an old prototype demo here , but IndieGames bring word that a new build is going to be revealed on the game's Facebook page imminently. Perhaps if we 'poke' them we'll get it sooner. (Facebook joke.)

The game has you defeating the tracksuited menace in an almost monochrome school setting, by literally shouting into a microphone. Skyrim is an obvious influence, not just because of the shouting, but because the Skyrim theme accompanies the game trailer. Another influence is, well, actual bullying, making First Person Shouter something of an empowerment fantasy. You can see it action by shouting at the following trailer - then clicking on it, because we still haven't implemented shout-tech into PC Gamer.