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Far Cry 3 trailer fights fire with fire, car with bomb, bear with bullets, tiger with fists

I'm surprised that Ubisoft haven't talked more about Far Cry's lovely fire. The second game introduced had fire that would spread through bushes according to wind direction and speed. It was chaotic and brilliant, and it's in Far Cry 3 as well. Fire is probably the dominant predator on an island full of things that are very eager to fight each other. Forget Vaas, I'm more interested in how the eternal war between bears and tigers will play out in an open world setting. Beyond that, I'm excited to play the inevitable "be a bear" mod that'll surely follow. See fire, bears, tigers, brigands and a zipline, but not in that order, in the new trailer below.

Far Cry 3 is out on November 29 in Europe, November 30 in the UK and December 4 in the US. Check out Dan's Far Cry 3 hands-on for a sense of how it's shaping up (rather nicely, it seems).

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