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Everything is an unlock in aptly named free platformer Nothing

(Image credit: JoelLikesPigs)

I never thought I'd feel grateful to be able to move to the right, but after earning it the hard way in free platformer Nothing, I'll surely appreciate this freedom of movement in the next platform game I play. Created for a recent Ludum Dare in which the theme posited that 'you start with nothing', Nothing takes this to heart: you have to unlock absolutely everything, including the music, and sound effects, and ultimately the ability to move right.

It's a jokey platformer, a few minutes long but with some actually challenging platform moments that play on your inability (for most of the game) to walk to the right. The primary unlocks here are your ability to move left, and to jump, but there are plenty of silly powers to acquire along the way, including elevator muzak, and your own Zelda-style fairy imploring you to 'Hey! Listen!' constantly.

It's a funny parody of Metroidvanias, with their endless cycles of unlocking stuff—how many more times are we going to have unlock the double jump? (Thanks, Alpha Beta Gamer.)

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