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Dying Light launch is going to happen sooner than expected

In an unusual and unexpected development, Techland's zombie parkour game Dying Light has been slightly un-delayed. The game was expected to come out in February 2015 but the studio announced today that it will actually be here a month earlier.

Dying Light was originally supposed to launch in 2014, but in May Techland decided that it needed a little more time to do a proper job of it and thus pushed it into February of next year. A specific date was never revealed, however, and so it's technically possible that the new release date of January 27 is only a move-up of five days. But I like to keep things simple, and so I'm calling it a month.

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As previously revealed, preorders for Dying Light will net you access to the PvP—or perhaps, ZvZ—game mode Be the Zombie. Details and relevant links are up at .

Andy Chalk
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