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Drift Stage reaches Kickstarter target

Drift Stage

Drift Stage is a racing game. In a single weekend, it raised its required Kickstarter total of $30,000. It's customary in these situations to refer to such success in terms of something analogous to the subject matter. An obvious one: it 'crossed the finish line'. Or maybe, it's in 'pole position'. Alternatively, it 'wasn't stolen by hoodlums and joyridden dangerously through the streets before being set aflame near an abandon warehouse—its metallic husk found years later playing host to a rat orgy'. All are good, so just pick your favourite.

I'm pleased, because—having played the free pre-alpha build of Drift Stage—it's a game I very much want to see more of. It's sort of Kavinsky: The Racer; a cool, synth-pop fuelled re-imagining of a fondly remembered retro style. It's bright and stylised, and has an extremely arcade-like handling system that's fun to manipulate.

No stretch goals have been announced yet, but with 25 days remaining, there's plenty of scope for the game to shoot way past its planned total. If you like the look of Drift Stage, you can check out its Kickstarter page for more details.

Phil Savage
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