Drift Stage coming to Kickstarter next week, but you can play a demo now

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Drift Stage

How can it be that we haven't mentioned Drift Stage (opens in new tab) before now? I mean, look at it. It's an 80sy/90sy racing game that mixes gorgeous, low poly car models and environments with beautifully chunky pixel art. The result is something that would have felt right at home on the Sega Dreamcast. Because this is the space year 2015, however, it's coming to Kickstarter next week, though developers Super Systems have released a very early pre-alpha demo (opens in new tab) to keep us occupied in the meantime.

Comprising a time trial race around a single, nighttime city track, this might initially seem like a bit of a slim demo, but that's before you hit Start (on the 360 pad, at least) and see the heavenly words 'Photo Mode' jutting out at you. A few dedicated people are going to spend a lot of time getting some great shots with this feature, which lets you pause the game at any point and fly around with a free camera to take the perfect snapshot (the screenshot key is F9, by the way).

The full game, judging by the menu, will feature a fulsome range of career and multiplayer modes, with Steam Workshop support integrated from the main menu. (It's already been Greenlit (opens in new tab), in case you were wondering.)

I'll leave you with a video of the time trial mode in action. Man, I miss OutRun.

Tom Sykes

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