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Distance trailer teases its new neon-drenched Horizon update

The Tron-like racer, Distance, has blessed our eyeballs with a super slick teaser trailer for its newest update. It’s been a year since the racer first released and the trailer shows what players can expect in the game’s v1.4 release named The Horizon Update. The futuristic arcade racer will have new levels for players to burn rubber on, a Quick Join multiplayer feature, new editing tools, and a whole host of performance improvements.

Refract have added three sprint levels to the game and a whopping eighteen community levels created by players. Racers will also be able to automatically join open games and can create a new lobby if none are available. Updates to the level editor include a new fancy cinematic camera and foliage options, bringing a little bit of green to the metalic tracks. 

The update is available to download right now and it's the perfect time if you want to get in on the action because Distance is currently on discount over on Steam with the sale ending September 12.