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DiRT 3: Games for Windows Live removal "in progress"

Dirt 3

With Dark Souls having scraped the last remnants of Games for Windows Live from its shoe, there aren't many non-Microsoft games left still using the deservedly maligned service. Here's one: DiRT 3. Codemasters had previously suggested they would be moving the rally racer to Steamworks, but, as of this very moment, that hasn't happened.

I got in touch with the studio to find out how it was going. I was told that, while they were unable to give out a date, the planned GfW Live removal update was "in progress".

DiRT 2, meanwhile, won't be so lucky. The game was removed from sale on stores like Steam earlier in the year, and, from the sounds of things, won't be coming back.

Still, for rally fans, the continued promise of a working version of an excellent racer should be welcome—even if I understand the impatience that it's taking so long. Hopefully the Steamworks release will also prompt Codies to release the game's various DLC bits—all of which were lost as of the closure of the Games for Windows Marketplace.

Phil Savage
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