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Deus Ex: The Fall officially teased, more info tomorrow [Update: Oh, it's for mobiles and tablets]

Update: And we have an official announcement trailer for Deus Ex: The Fall, an upcoming video game for "mobile and tablet devices." Er...

Altogether now: What a shame.

Original story: Here's a video whose length and content are inversely exactly proportional to my excitement at what it's purportedly teasing. Here's what we've got: seven seconds, a few notes of ethereally bleepy soundtrack, yellow triangles, the words Deus Ex: The Fall, a date, and a voice saying "are we ready to begin?" Why yes, I rather think we are. No! Because, as noted above, it's for phones.

So, that date: the 5th of June, and not the 6th of May as my brain - so used to American date formats in trailers - first read it. (The clue's in the linear progression of time, Phil; they didn't announce it in the past.) That means we can expect more information on what is presumably a sequel to Human Revolution at some point tomorrow.

All in all, great disappointing news, despite the eye-roll inducing deployment of a flimsy pre-reveal trailer. DX:HR was an excellent reboot of the classic immersive sim, and I welcome some more opportunities to lurk in some cyberpunk vents.

So what do you want to see from the new Deus Ex? I can tell you what we think, because we were speculating about an ideal sequel back in March .

Phil Savage
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