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Dead Space 3 announced, will have co-op, outdoors, bigger monsters

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Dead Space 3 was shown at E3 earlier today. The demo made a move away from the dark, narrow corridors of the first two games. It showed Isaac and a new companion fighting alongside on the surface of a snowy planet as monsters with giant glowing orange weak spots assaulted them. Familiar scenes to anyone who's played the first Lost Planet.

Playing through in co-op will unlock extra story bits and co-op mechanics that you won't get otherwise. If you're worried that playing with a friend nearby might puncture the cold tension that Dead Space has become known for, then you'd be right. It's not the addition of another player that's pushed the scares aside, though. Dead Space 3 is looking a lot more like a pompous action blockbuster than a creeping corridor horror.

It'll still have Isaac being eviscerated in various, gooey, unthinkable ways, though. A significant portion of the demo involved Isaac being sucked down the green gullet of an enormous creature. If that's your kind of thing, Dead Space 3 is due out February next year.

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