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Dawn of War 3's Annihilation update introduces new multiplayer modes

Relic’s been busy listening to player feedback from the launch of Dawn of War 3, and the studio’s decided to expand the grimdark game’s multiplayer with a new map, a new set of modes, more doctrines and a skin pack for your beefy super walkers. 

“Dawn of War 3 was meant to reunite our Dawn of War and Dawn of War II fans with a bombastic, action-RTS packed with incredible heroes, giant space lasers, and whole, new planets made of things that go BOOM,” reads the community update. “While we’ve checked those boxes, it’s clear that those weren’t the only things that you were looking for.”

The new modes are a great start. The game’s single multiplayer mode is excellent, combining MOBAs with traditional RTS fare, but it’s not really enough to support a game with a strong multiplayer focus. So now Annihilation modes are coming. 

Annihilation Classic is a straightforward mode where it’s all about destruction. Charge into your enemy’s base and destroy all of their key structures and voila, game won. Annihilation with Defenses is similar, but you’ll have lots of turrets installed right from the get-go, giving you and your enemy some breathing room. 

Speaking of turrets—proper defensive structures were missing from the base game, aside from the Ork’s Waaagh towers. New turret doctrines change that. “And those fancy new turrets? You won’t need to hand in your hard-earned Skulls for them,” Relic explains. “We’ll release them unlocked, for all players, for use across all multiplayer modes. Turtlers rejoice! You’ll have new defensive strategies to play with, and against, in no time.” 

The launch maps are all being tweaked for Annihilation, but there’s a new map coming as well. It’s called Mortis Vale, and Relic will be showing it off next week. Mortis Vale will also be available in Power Core mode, too. 

Finally, there’s the skin pack. Each faction will get a new skin for their super walkers, like the Eldar’s Wraithknight.

All of this is coming soon, too. The Annihilation update will launch on June 20. 

Fraser Brown
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