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Cuphead's 'The Delicious Last Course' DLC has been delayed to 2020

(Image credit: Studio MDHR)

Initially announced in 2018, Cuphead was meant to get a substantial DLC pack this year in the form of 'The Delicious Last Course'. The expansion will introduce a new isle of levels, a new playable character, "a dollop of" new weapons and charms, and as you'd expect, more bosses to bang your head against. But a new teaser trailer today confirms that the DLC won't release until 2020.

"While we initially announced a 2019 release date for the Delicious Last Course expansion, our highest priority is making sure this new adventure meets the meticulous level of care and quality we always strive for," wrote Studio MDHR co-director Chad Moldenhauer in a statement. "We want to be absolutely certain that this next adventure feels at home in the world of Cuphead and is full of moments that surprise and delight players. Furthermore, the development of the original game taught us a great deal about the importance of making things in a way that’s healthy and sustainable for our team."

Moldenhauer also offered some details about the new playable character, Ms. Chalice, named so because her head closely resembles a chalice.

"Not only will Ms. Chalice have a distinct play style and unique abilities – like double-jump! – but she’ll be playable across every isle, allowing you to re-experience the original Cuphead in a completely fresh way."

Here's a teaser trailer for the DLC:

Shaun Prescott
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