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Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 6: 1128-1160

Expansion Time!

So, time to put the story on pause really quick. At this point in the game, the Legacy of Rome expansion came out, I installed it, and apparently it applies to all of your save files retroactively. This introduced two big mechanics that will have an effect on the game going forward.

First, it's now possible to have standing armies, called retinues, that are active all the time and don't have to be called and dismissed like army levies. Based on my realm size and tech level, I am able to raise two units for my retinue. Styling them as the Knights of Ireland, I chose one division of heavy cavalry and one division of heavy foot.

Second, players and NPCs can now form Factions to support certain causes, and if they get enough support, issue an ultimatum to their faction's opponents. Duke Gilla-Íosa, whom I deposed, has taken advantage of this immediately to form the "Gilla-Íosa for King of Ireland" faction, seeking to take back what I took from him... which his father took from my father and so is well and truly mine by right. I'll have to butter up all of the lords and ladies of Ireland to make sure they don't join him.

December 29, 1150: King Murchad elects to hold a Grand Tournament.

In addition to other benefits, this will increase all of my subjects' opinions of me by 10. It's a great way to make sure I stay ahead of Gilla-Íosa's machinations, as only kings can hold tournaments.

April, 1150: The Grand Tournament commences! In the midst of it, Countess Caisséne of Kildare announces her intention to back Gilla-Íosa for King of Ireland, and Queen Gormlaith announces her third pregnancy.

Well, I've lost one relatively unimportant vassal. That's not such a bad thing. The Duke of Ulster commands nearly half of Ireland's men that are not my own, so any rebellion is doomed without his support. And he really likes me a lot. (Because I sent him money and titles.)

Lorcán macÁed, son of previous grand champion Earl Áed of Tyrconnel, claims victory in the tournament.

November 19, 1050: King Murchad and Queen Gormlaith's first son is born. The new heir to Ireland is named Brian, for his great-great grandfather, the first King of Ireland.

And just when I though that marriage was never going to pay off. Magnus II's line has become so fragmented and diluted that King of England is going to become a contest of arms, not legitimacy. And guess who has the most arms?