Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 6: 1128-1160

King's landing

August 21, 1154: 6600 Irishmen come ashore in Somerset, England, and besiege Sigurd's hold at Bath.

March 29, 1155: After Bath falls, King Murchad's men surges unopposed to Wiltshire, taking up the siege at Wilton. 700 men led by King Sigurd's marshal are raised to retake Bath. King Brian divides his forces, sending 1400 Ulster men to deal with them.

July 17, 1155: The Ulster men defeat the English under Mayor Æthelrad of Cambride at the Battle of Gloucester.

September 18, 1155: Wilton has fallen. The main Irish host takes up the siege of Reading, Oxford.

October 5, 1156: After a brutal siege lasting over a year and claiming nearly 1000 lives, Reading falls. The Irish march south to Winchester.

November 17, 1156: King Sigurd of England dies comatose at 24. His only son, five-year-old Enguerrand, takes the throne under Lord Regent Duke Gudbrand of Gloucester.

July 8, 1157: Winchester has fallen, and the Irishmen march north to the Lord Regent's home county of Gloucester. Over 2000 Irishmen have died in the war already, and the Lords and Ladies of Ireland are growing impatient.

It's been three years since this war started, and that's a long time to have all of the levies of my realm raised. I gain a stacking, temporary reputation penalty with all of them the longer their forces remain under my command, but to give up and go home now would just be a waste.

July 27, 1157: The boy king Enguerrand is killed by his own regent, who declares himself King Gudbrand of England.

And for some reason, I can only assume a bug, this has caused me to lose all of the territory in England I had occupied. I'll be honest, if I hadn't been in the PC Gamer offices when that happened, I probably would have thrown something heavy across the room. The private notes I take as I play for compiling these entries, for this particular event, would be at home in a George Carlin special. I actually tried reloading an autosave several times to see if I could get it to not happen, but alas. I could take my ball and go home, or reconquer England.

November 30, 1157: Duke Gilla-Íosa ua Brian of Breifne dies of an illness at 34. His faction to usurp the Kingdom of Ireland dissolves.

I swear, I actually had nothing to do with this. For real this time. I ended my plot to kill him YEARS ago.