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Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 6: 1128-1160

Make love, not war

January 27, 1146: King Murchad buys Queen Gormlaith a very expensive warhorse, and the two fall in love.

Excellent. That will increase our chances of having children, in addition to almost instantly maxing out her opinion of me.

September 30, 1146: The king's mother, Thorborg, dies of syphilis at 50.


...Syphilis? Really? And did you absolutely NEED to tell me that? You couldn't have just told me she got sick? Had to throw in that bit that implies she was sleeping around on my dead father? Just couldn't hold it in? Yeah, you better leave. I'm the freaking king. I can have people's heads off.

May 5, 1147: Queen Gormlaith is found to be pregnant.

December 6, 1147: King Murchad and Queen Gormlaith's first child is born, a daughter who is, of course, named Máiread for her famous grandmother.

This is very good. Until now, my heir was Gilla-Íosa, also known as "That guy I just deposed." Now, the throne is set to remain with the ua Brians in Munster.

If you've kept up with this chronicle from the beginning, you'll know that House ua Brian of Ireland and House Ylving of Denmark have been steadfast allies, bound by deed and marriage for decades. Since nearly everyone who orchestrated those alliances is now dead, this marriage will allow it to continue into future generations.

September 28, 1148: Queen Gormlaith is found to be pregnant again.

April 39, 1149: King Murchad and Queen Gormlaith's second daughter is born, named Leigha.

Oddly enough, it genuinely didn't occur to me that she would be "Princess Leigha" until after the fact.