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Cities: Skylines patch brings 30 new buildings and pedestrian tunnels

Cities Skylines

A new Cities: Skylines patch brings 30 new buildings, pedestrian tunnels, better auto-save functionality and a tonne of bug fixes, according to an announcement on the Paradox website. The patch addresses a bunch of mod-related bugs, which means some installed mods will be affected until their creators have made a few adjustments.

The bug fixes include trains no longer getting stuck on map borders, de-zoned areas no longer magically re-zoning themselves, and a long list of more subtle fixes. It's also possible to unsubscribe from all mods at once now, which will come in handy as modders work to fix their wares to accommodate the new patch.

"Due to some improvements with how mod-specific options are displayed in-game a fair amount of popular mods will be incompatible with 1.1.1b," the post reads. "We recommend using the steam launch options "-disableMods" and "-noWorkshop" until the mod creators have done the necessary, albeit very small, changes. More info on what needs to be done by our modders can be found here."

The full patch notes are over here. In the meantime, why not check out some of the most hellish cities ever created in Cities: Skyline, or see what happens when you build a city with only one house.

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