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Chris Thursten

Chris has been with PC Gamer UK since late 2011. His rise to the position of Deputy Editor has been likened to that of an antipodean marsupial - perhaps a sugar glider - attempting to scale a tall dry tree to escape an impending wildfire. The wildfire in this case represents any career that does not support repeated use of the phrase "space wizard" .

The tree represents former editor Graham Smith, if you were wondering.

Born in Liverpool, Chris arrived at PC gaming via the Amiga 1200. As a child he orchestrated Worms tournaments featuring dozens of AI-controlled teams in which he'd only play a small direct role, preferring to allow the 'canon' outcome stem from hours of watching the computer play against itself. This capacity for emotional over-investment in computer annelids provides useful context should you ever find yourself talking to Chris about Mass Effect.

Once PCG's reluctant MMO champion , his discovery of Dota 2 in 2012 has led him to much darker, stranger places. He writes a column about his time with the game, Three Lane Highway . He also likes stealth games. You should watch his Dishonored video series, No Trace , because it took ages.

He's also on Twitter , for better or worse.


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