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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare trailer shows olde FPS dueling, decapitations

Man, this looks good. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a remake of Source mod Age of Chivalry , and it'll be out this year. When I spoke with some of the lords of Torn Banner at GDC, they talked a lot about one of their modes: Team Objective. "All the objectives you are given have a real and true meaning in the context of the battle. Because let's face it, if a medieval army sets out to capture a city or village, they don't just 'secure the area,' they rip the place apart, and we wanted players to have that experience as well," Steve Piggott, President at Torn Banner, told me. "So no more capture point A then capture point B."

Peasants will also be killed (and/or rescued), thank goodness. "So if you are raiding a medieval village then your objective will be to burn the houses and kill the peasants. If you're besieging a castle your objective is to push a battering ram up to the gate and smash it in. And each map in Team Objective has multiple stages so once you breach the walls you might have to push deeper into the castle and slay the enemy king in the throne room or rescue an imprisoned ally."

Chivalry's website is over here .

Evan Lahti
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