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Celebrity SimCity: Day 3 - Everyone poops

Belmonte Carlo unloads sewage


Veronica Belmont

Tekzilla/Sword and Laser host ● Twitter: @Veronica Web:

Population: 67,071 ● Treasury: §49,696

As wealthy Sims played in Belmonte Carlo's rooftop pools, something else started to pool up. To avoid the sewage catastrophe which nearly destroyed New Tyblurg, city leadership elected to pump excess sewage into tanks and ship it to Brushwoodistanzibar. Unfortunately, the decision was made without the approval of Mayor Brushwood, who expressed his displeasure in the following correspondence.

Veronica Belmont: I'm sending some poop to you, hope that's ok.

Brian Brushwood: do NOT get that on my nice new Big Ben!!!!

A previous statement from Mayor Belmont said nothing of the impending sewage conflict, but explains some of Belmonte Carlo's financial success, and surprisingly expresses disdain for the city's wealthy residents:

Things are going well, land values are going up. Unfortunately that means my fancy pants inhabitants don't want to work the crappy jobs. Trade is booming, especially plastics from my recycling plant. Definitely in the red/green balancing act of trying to make improvements while growing. — Mayor Belmont

Brushwoodistanzibar rises

Brian Brushwood

Actual wizard ● Twitter: @shwood Web:

Population: 186,804 ● Treasury: §74,804

Brushwoodistanzibar was able to process Belmonte Carlo's raw sewage without issue, and Big Ben has gone un-defaced (un-defecesed?). Minor regional disputes aside, Brushwoodistanzibar is in great shape. Despite its unconventional road layout—mirrored "B"s which we can't imagine the meaning of—it has become the region's most populous city, stable at over 180,000 Brushwoodistanzibarians.

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