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It looks like Castlevania Season 3 won't be arriving in December

(Image credit: Netflix)

Update: It looks like Netflix Nordic tweeted Castlevania Season 3's release date by mistake and it is not, unfortunately, due out on December 1. Though the tweet was up for more than a day, it's now been deleted. Director Samuel Deats confirmed that it won't be arriving that soon, as the final episode isn't even finished. 

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Original story: We've been paying lots of attention to Netflix's Witcher adaptation lately, but at PC Gamer we have room in our hearts for more than one sullen monster slayer. It's about time, then, that we write about Castlevania, which Netflix Nordic casually revealed was getting its third season next month.

Castlevania is one of the best game adaptations around, and probably Netflix's best cartoon that isn't about a horse, so a third season was greenlit right after the second aired. There wasn't a date attached, however, until now, with Netflix Nordic's nonchalant reveal. 

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This wouldn't be the first time a Netflix social media account has spilled the beans early, and Castlevania doesn't feature in any of the other lists on the official accounts. The pinned tweet has been up for a day now, however, so if it was posted in error, Netflix Nordic is just rolling with it.

According to the tweet, Castlevania Season 3 will air on December 1, giving us plenty of time to finish it before we hop in the tub with Geralt on December 20. In the meantime, we should probably be getting a trailer soon.

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