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Capcom vows to punish Street Fighter V rage quitters

Street Fighter V 1

Back in the good old days rage quitting involved bitter anger, a lot of swear words and sometimes a broken keyboard or two. Nowadays it can have more far-reaching consequences, as some players have discovered in Street Fighter V. Basically, if a player quits an online game when it seems inevitable they'll lose, their win streak won't be affected and the hard-fought victory of their opponent will be stolen.

But Capcom is aware of the issues and is determine to stamp the phenomenon out. "Yes, we are well aware of the problem of players disconnecting before the match ends to retain their League Points and their win streaks," a post on the Capcom Unity blog reads. "Thanks to all of the players who have brought this to our attention.

"We are working on a permanent solution to this problem, though we don’t have an exact date to share with you at the moment. That said, we are going to take direct action starting next week to punish those players who are abusing the system."

Capcom asks that players record instances of rage quitting (though they don't provide details on where to send those videos, presumably that will come later). The long-awaited fighter had a rocky launch, but things appear to have smoothed out. In his review, Nathan Brown described SFV as "so, so good for the genre-savvy", but warned that "Street Fighter V does nothing to help you grow as a player."

Shaun Prescott
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