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Call of Duty: Warzone banned 50,000 more cheaters last week

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(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Over 50,000 cheaters were banned from Call of Duty: Warzone last week, developer Raven announced on Friday.

Posting a brief anti-cheat update on Twitter, Raven revealed that this latest batch of cheaters were given the boot over two separate ban waves. These waves were targeted largely (but not exclusively) at repeat offenders, accounts that Raven had already caught cheating.

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Warzone has long struggled with cheaters, and this mass ban is only the latest effort to combat it. Back in May, Raven banned over 30,000 accounts in a single day, bringing the then-total number of bans up to over half a million. 

Not that this has stopped cheaters from trying even harder to break Raven's battle royale. Last week, Activision stepped in to take down an "undetectable" and "unstoppable" aim assist cheat that used machine learning and third-party software to take over the controls whenever an enemy player appeared on screen.

Warzone players' frustration with cheaters has spilled over to legit players, too. One world-record holding Warzone pro ended up using an absurd five-camera stream setup to fend off allegations of foul play.

Another ban wave may give a brief, if welcome reprieve. But the replies to Raven's post a community that's tired of the occasional mass banning, desperately awaiting a more permanent solution to Warzone's cheating epidemic.

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