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Avadon 3 out now, along with a huge demo version

The prophecy has come to pass: Avadon 3 is out now, available from Steam, the Humble Store, and from good old GOG. That's all well and good and all, but what if you aren't sure whether this old-fashioned RPG will run on your PC? What if you can't meet the towering requirements of an OpenGL-compatible graphics card and an 800 MhZ computer? You, my friend, need to try the demo.

As with all the other Spiderweb games, there's a lengthy Avadon 3 demo so you can check whether the game runs, and whether the company's isometric fantasy roleplaying games are for you. Grab it here for Windows or Mac, and if you decide to buy the full game, I'm pretty sure it's possible to import your save.