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Apex Legends screenshots tease a new character

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

It looks like Respawn might have slyly confirmed a recent Apex Legends leak of an internal testing document that contained upcoming characters. Screenshots taken during Octane Gauntlet's development have been shared by lead designer Alex Graner, and in one of them we can see the leaked character known as Revenant. 

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The new character appears in the banner in the first screenshot and, aside from a different pose and looking a bit more red, is the spitting image of a character concept we've already seen.

Revenant's been cropping up for a few months now, though Respawn is yet to confirm it exists. We recently got our first actual look at the rumoured character, along with three others, courtesy of tHeNeOn_BeAst. According to leaked details about the Halloween event, some of which have been confirmed, Revenant is also the one responsible for all the spooky stuff going down in King's Canyon. 

Graner didn't draw attention to Revenant, but it seems very unlikely that it was a mistake. The screenshots are still up, but Respawn hasn't shared any additional details. If Revenant does make its debut during the Halloween event, that doesn't guarantee it will be immediately playable—it seems especially unlikely given that Crypto only just arrived. That said, it wouldn't be the first time Respawn has surprised us. 

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