Acer’s new 485-pound 'gaming chair' has room for a PC and three monitors

Acer's been showcasing a bunch of new and updated items at IFA 2018, though none more wild than its Predator Thronos, an immersive cockpit that Acer is billing as a gaming "chair."

More specifically, Acer says the Predator Thronos "reimagines the gaming chair for a new level of gamer." It's made of steel and looms large, standing nearly 5 feet tall, and features an overhead brace supporting up to three 27-inch monitors. There's also space for a Predator gaming PC (or any desktop, really).

The seat (or more accurately, the cabin) reclines to 140 degrees. It also features "deep impact vibration" for a full-body rumble when you get blown to bits by a frag grenade or navigate rough terrain in a vehicle.

Other features include ergonomic seating and a foot rest. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like like it tilts or swivels (or fortunately, if you're sensitive to motion sickness).

"Integrated with a Predator PC and triple Predator monitors plus gadgets, the Thronos becomes more than a gaming chair—it’s a gamer’s cave," Acer says.

It's also undoubtedly going to be pricey, though Acer didn't say how much it will cost or when it plans to unleash this beast.

Here's a better look at the chair in action: