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A new Yakuza game will be unveiled next month

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Whenever life is getting you down it's helpful to remember that the Yakuza games exist. The past few years have seen PC ports of the first two Kiwami games and 0, and while the most recent mainline game, Yakuza 6, still hasn't made the jump, Sega now considers the series a "multi-platform" one

So it's worth getting excited that a new Yakuza game will be unveiled next month, and it'll be the first since Kazuma Kiryu's story concluded. There's not much info regarding who will star in the next generation of the series, but the below teaser, posted by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's Twitter account, suggests Yakuza Online protagonist Ichiban Kasuga will at least appear in the game.

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The Tweet promises a press conference on August 29. It's an exciting crossroads for the series: after seven main games and the recent solve 'em up spin-off Judgment, the shedding of Kiryu sees the Yakuza series at a crossroads. Will it still be set predominantly in Kamarucho? Will karaoke return after its devastating absence in Judgment? Only time will tell. One thing seems fairly certain, though: it'll launch of PS4 before it comes to PC, so prepare for a gruelling wait.

Phil has had the great pleasure and responsibility of reviewing the Yakuza PC ports, and the verdicts have been favourable. The most recent port, Yakuza Kiwami 2, was described as "a return to form for the singular crime series".

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