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A bug made a Destiny 2 boss triple its normal size, and it is freakin' huge

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This does not seem right.

Today's Destiny 2 update was fairly bland as these things go—fixes and tweaks, mostly—but one note was worthy of a double-take: "Fixed an issue where Protheon, the Modular Mind grew three times larger than intended in Update 2.1.0." Protheon, Modular Mind is a pretty big fella to begin with, so three times his size? That's something I want to see. 

I poked around on YouTube while I was writing up the patch notes, but came up empty-handed. Luckily I wasn't the only one interested in seeing the show, and Bungie heard our pleas. 

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You won't be familiar with Protheon's intended size if you don't play Destiny 2, but from the player's perspective the top of his head should be somewhere around the bottom of that glowing ring on the wall. Check out this video for a look at him at his proper size: He's a big boy, but he sure ain't that big.

It's too bad in a way that Bungie downsized Protheon so quickly. I have no idea how that monumental outgrowth would impact the fight—Is he too big to move anywhere? Does he clip through walls? Did his hit points triple too?—but I would have loved to have been one of the Guardians traveling into the Inverted Spire expecting another routine Protheon kill, and running into that monstrosity instead. I'd be dining out on that story for months.