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Atomic Heart's new gravity-defying trailer ramps up the Soviet-themed insanity

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Mundfish has shown off a new gravity-defying trailer for its Soviet-era FPS Atomic Heart, (opens in new tab) and it looks absolutely nuts.

There's a lot to unpack here—like murderous robots, lots of messing around with the laws of space, and a very threatening-looking granny who looks like she's about to beat you with a soup ladle. 

It's still not super clear quite what Atomic Heart is, and it feels like every trailer just gets crazier than the last. It's definitely shaping up to be a weird crossover between a Soviet-themed Bioshock Infinite and one of the stranger episodes of Black Mirror, something the devs have actually cited as an inspiration.

It also looks like a lot of traversal, debris-clearing, and puzzle solving in Atomic Heart is done using a glove, which seems to be able to defy gravity, hack electronics and provide a nifty shock to those robots who are doing their best to kill you. The footage is chaotic as all hell, and I'm here for it.

There's still no release date for Atomic Heart, sitting at a TBA on Steam (opens in new tab). It is a 'Day One' for Xbox Game Pass though, which hopefully means Game Pass for PC will get the same treatment on launch day too.

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