Asus Z170-Pro motherboard drops to $84 after mail-in-rebate

If you're looking to build a new system around Kaby Lake, one of the better motherboard deals out there right now is a sale and rebate pertaining to the Asus Z170-Pro. After jumping through a couple of hoops, it can be had for just $84.

Newegg has the Z170-Pro marked down to $139 from its regular $150 price. There is also a $35 mail-in-rebate available, and if you apply promo code EMCSRGBC6 at checkout, it will knock an additional $20 off.

The Z170-Pro is a full-size ATX motherboard based on Intel's Z170 chipset. It features a handful of modern goodies, including USB 3.1 connectivity, four M.2 slots, support for up to 64GB of DDR4-3866 (OC) RAM, and one-click overclocking.

At its regular price, the Z170-Pro can be deemed a mid-range motherboard, though it falls on the upper end of that spectrum. Things such as an 8-phase digital power design, surge protection on the LAN port, and and a stainless steel back I/O help separate the Z170-Pro from the crop. It also offers robust overclocking controls in the BIOS.

You can grab the Z170-Pro on sale here. The printable mail-in-rebate is available here (PDF).

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