Asura's Wrath is fully playable on PC thanks to the RPCS3 emulator

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Capcom and CyberConnect2's Asura's Wrath is a third-person action game that's part episodic anime, part enraged demigod beat 'em up. Launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles in 2012, our sister site GamesRadar named its Seven Deities antagonists among their top seven badass boss teams (opens in new tab), and within their most satisfying punches (opens in new tab) roundup. Now, the RPCS3 emulator brings Gaea to PC. 

"Asura's Wrath can now be played from start to finish including the DLC with good performance," reads the following video's description (opens in new tab). "Graphics are also rendering very nicely as well thanks to kd-11." And while the video itself says 30 fps is "achievable" by way of a "decent CPU", the description says this can be ascertained with "lower end CPUs as well, such as an i5 4670K". 

Over to you, handsome red-eyed demon person:

More information on the  RPCS3 PS3 emulator can be found via its website (opens in new tab). Check out the same emulator powering God of War 3 and GoW Ascension (opens in new tab), Red Dead Redemption (opens in new tab) and Demon's Souls (opens in new tab) via those links. 

For more on the process of emulation itself, the following from Wes makes for good reading—The ethics of emulation: how creators, the community, and the law view console emulators (opens in new tab).