Assemble a tiny pixelated army in Warpips

Warpips, a military tug-of-war strategy from Skirmish Mode Games, is hitting Early Access on Steam later this week.

The game comes from a handful of devs from Unknown Worlds, the studio behind Subnautica, and its sequel Below Zero. Warpips will feature short, snappy rounds of around 10-20 minutes, with Skirmish Mode Games promising "lots of replayability" with randomly generated battles. 

The graphics look very much like your standard war-themed strategy fare, though the pixel art is a nice touch and I'm a big fan of seeing ragdoll physics on tiny pixelated men.

Warpips is out in Early Access on Steam on April 29. There'll be "a fully-functional campaign with over 50 levels and a skirmish mode" available at launch, with Skirmish Mode Games ballparking around six months until a full release.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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